Review: Strange the Dreamer

A librarian and orphan of the war dreams of the mysterious city of Weep that lost its name following a war between humans and Gods. When an opportunity to travel to this city of wonder presents itself, the dreamer steps forward to accompany the hero by the name of Godslayer and his band of eclectic warriors- and to discover the secrets of Weep once and for all. … More Review: Strange the Dreamer


Review: MARTians

A girl born in the not so distant devastating future graduates from high school early and is faced with a single choice; sell her soul to the big box company, AllMART and the manufactured six o’clock ‘news’ and remain numb to the possibility of what life could be. … More Review: MARTians

Review: The Core of the Sun

Vanna lives in a strange new world, an alternative present Finland that goes to extreme lengths to protect social stability. Women are bred as a submissive species called eloi and the independent and intelligent, those who are ‘defective’, are relegated to a hard life of labor. Vanna, who is every bit as intelligent and independent as the defective breed has been raised as an eloi along with her simple-minded sister, but their lives are thrown into chaos when her sister goes missing. Desperate to get her back and in need of money to do so, Vanna joins a man named Jare in his illegal dealing of a powerful stimulant, chilis, and along the way, experiences the burn for herself. There just might be no going back. … More Review: The Core of the Sun

Review: Cruel Beauty

Nyx Triskelion isn’t a normal bride; she’s been raised all her life as a weapon, painfully aware that one day she will marry the demon lord, Ignifex, and kill him to save her people from an ages old curse that he placed upon them. When Nyx arrives at her new home after becoming the bride of this terrifying monster, she’s armed with a knife up her wedding gown and a decent right hook. Only her husband is much less ‘monster’ and more devilish charmer. As she uncovers the secrets of this all powerful lord and his strange castle, she might just find herself fighting her own battle- between duty and love. … More Review: Cruel Beauty

Review: An Ember in the Ashes

Two very different lives. A slave girl and a soldier boy. Laia maintains a quiet existence in the squalor of the Martial Empire’s outskirts with her brother and grandparents. Elias serves the Empire as the most talented and secretly most unwilling student at their prestigious, and yet, brutal military academy. When Laia’s brother is accused of treason, she’ll do whatever it takes to get him back- including joining up with rebel forces to infiltrate the most dangerous city in this savage world. When Elias meets Laia, they’ll come to understand that their destinies are intertwined and together, they could change the course of history forever. … More Review: An Ember in the Ashes